Sebastiaan Verlinden


Sebastiaan has approximately 10 years of experience with advising business persons, of which more than 5 years as a lawyer at medium-sized firms. He is an employment law specialist with a background in business- and insolvency law.

Sebastiaan is often engaged by HR departments and legal counsels as a strategic business partner to join in the discussion of all kinds of matters, like reorganisation, transfer of undertaking, amendment of employment conditions, as well as individual dismissal and rehabilitation procedures in case of sickness. Sebastiaan has, among other things, managed to swiftly and successfully resolve many dismissal matters – including dismissals with immediate effect – generally without costly proceedings. Sebastiaan also regularly negotiates the severance packages of directors under articles of association and managers. Sebastiaan has experience in, among others, the healthcare, transport, construction, and metal and engineering sectors.
Sebastiaan likes to delve into what goes on within the company he works with. By doing so, he identifies the challenges and developments that occur not only within the company but also within the related sector. He proactively recognises company risks and formulates solutions in concrete terms. He takes on the (legal) issues of business persons, so that the business person can keep focusing on the core business.

In 2017, Sebastiaan successfully completed the Grotius Employment Law specialist course and is a member of the associations Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN), Vereniging Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (Dutch Young Employment Lawyers Association) and Vereniging voor Pensioenrecht (Dutch Pension Law Association). Before he studied law, he obtained a Master’s degree in French Language & Culture, so French-speaking clients can rely on him as well.

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