Liber Dock is a solution-oriented law firm specialising in corporate labour law and pensions. Our goal is to help you achieve your business targets quickly and easily.


Our experience particularly focuses on legal and strategic issues involving labour law, company law, and employee participation (see the EXPERTISE tab for more information). This means that we advise on the positions taken by the works council, management, supervisory board, and trade unions with regard to change processes. Change processes aside, we also offer advice as needed on individual cases. We know that, in practice, companies often prefer to handle these issues in house. Naturally, we also need to facilitate that day-to-day work, which is why we make a knowledge portal available exclusively to our clients (either by way of subscription or free of charge for our established business partners) to make this work easier and more cost-efficient.


Liber Dock’s professional services are based on two-way communication between client and attorney. As their business partner, we want to work with our clients to arrive at the best solutions, because they know their business best.

Comprehensible visual advice

We strive too simplify that two-way communication in every legal situation – no matter how complex – by using specially developed infographics to provide our clients with visual explanations of each aspect of their case. This clarifies the overall situation at a glance, enabling us to work together to choose the best solution. We also note that our clients often use this visual advice to explain the situation to their internal stakeholders.


To be able to function at top level and perform in complex changes programmes you need dynamic people. And that is why we have developed a vitality programme which is also open to our business partners. Wellness and team building activities are fundamental. The programme comprises a weekly boot camp and parts on nutrition, attitude and mental toughness. Interested in joining a training session? You are most welcome! Please sign up via sylvia.vanderham@liberdock.com.



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