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Judgment of the Court – Deliveroo delivery driver is self-employed worker without personnel | event: future of self-employed workers without personnel

23 July 2018
Boudewijn Kanen, Linda Brouwer Employment contract and contract for services

The court ruled today that Deliveroo’s construction of self-employed workers without personnel is permissible. The subdistrict court has found that no relationship of authority is in place:   after all, the delivery driver himself was able to decide whether or not to sign in for work and able to refuse orders; in addition, he was allowed to work in his... read more

A brief consideration of the harmonisation of employment conditions after transfer of undertaking

28 May 2018
Ronald Beltzer Amendment employment conditions, Transfer of undertaking (TUPE)

This blog post addresses a judgment delivered by the North Holland District Court on 12 April 2018 (available via ECLI:NL:RBNHO:2018:3068) . The case concerned the question of whether an employee who worked in a supermarket taken over by Albert Heijn was entitled to her old, higher salary. Albert Heijn guaranteed that salary to her after its takeover, but made a... read more

#MeToo at the workplace: how to deal with reports of abuse?

2 March 2018
Boudewijn Kanen New legislation, Inadequate performance

  MeToo is perhaps the most discussed social movement of the past year. Time Magazine chose the people who spoke out against sexual harassment as TIME's Person of the Year. Workplace abuse takes many forms. Although organisations generally strive to promote an atmosphere of openness, practice shows that it is difficult to make the reporting of abuse easily accessible. How... read more

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