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Our People

Marian van Eck - Partner

Marian has approximately 20 years of experience in the legal profession and has been employed as a partner (and partly as department chair) for approximately 12 years by a prestigious law firm at the Amsterdam Zuidas.

Her impressive track record includes complex, media-sensitive change processes involving trade unions, works councils, supervisory directors and executive director(s). She has successfully advised in the collective redundancy of approximately 2,500 employees, a complex transfer of undertaking (involving approximately 10 to 1,000 employees), harmonization of employment conditions, corporate restructuring, and many works council processes. She has also been responsible for the implementation of suitable participation structures in (international) undertakings. Together with executive directors and HR directors she has been successful in defining strategies for collective labour agreement negotiations, more recently for a redundancy plan with non-standard selection criteria in accordance with new legislation. She acts as a strategic advisor for boards of directors and supervisory directors, but is also glad to contribute to strategic thinking in works councils.

Her strength is in overseeing the entire domain, her sense of (corporate) political relations and finding cutting-edge or customized solutions together with her business partners. By reason of her impressive track record, Marian has been invited for many years to lecture at the Grotius Academy and at the University of Amsterdam. She publishes in  professional journals regularly.

Chambers Europe 2016: Marian van Eck has notable expertise in collective redundancies, transfers and restructuring and is experienced in negotiating with unions and works councils.

Legal 500 2014: Marian van Eck is “a very experienced lawyer and craftswoman”.

Chambers Europe 2014: Marian van Eck is recognised by peers and clients alike for her in-depth expertise and responsiveness.

Boudewijn Kanen - Partner

Boudewijn has been working as a lawyer for more than 13 years, for the most part with a prestigious firm at the Amsterdam Zuidas. He specializes in employment-related aspects of change processes, such as reorganizations, acquisitions and collective amendment of employment conditions, including pension conditions. He has successfully accomplished complex works council processes. Furthermore, he is an expert on corporate participation, particularly about the two-tier board regime and the position of supervisory directors. Based on this broad knowledge of participation, he has given advice on the development of a participation structure of a joint venture (a two-tier board company) and large-scale redundancy at multinationals.

Boudewijn has successfully dealt with complex issues in (international) undertakings involving both internal and external stakeholders’ interests. In doing so, he has given effective advice to both management, board of supervisory directors and works council on legal strategy issues and communications about such issues. He looks beyond the standard solutions.

In light of his expertise, Boudewijn is the permanent author of the alerts in the employment law journal Tijdschrift Arbeidsrecht in de Praktijk (“TAP”) and comments on pension case law for Sdu Opmaat (see track record). He also regularly publishes in professional journals. Boudewijn has successfully completed specialist courses on employment law ( Post-Academische Leergang Arbeidsrecht ) and pension law (Leergang Pensioenrecht). He is a Certified Pension Lawyer (CPL). Boudewijn regularly organizes workshops and lectured at the University of Amsterdam.

Boudewijn has been recommended by Legal 500 2014.

Linda Brouwer - Senior Counsel

Linda has been working in the legal profession since 2006, for the most part at a renowned law firm situated on the ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. Her expertise lies in employment law in the broad sense. She also has extensive experience in the field of corporate litigation (including directors’ liability and shareholder disputes).

She has successfully assisted several small and large companies (from approximately 25 to 4000 employees) in various ways, including with individual and collective dismissals, drawing up redundancy packages, complex restructuring and mergers, changes in employment conditions and works council processes. She frequently litigates successfully at district courts, courts of appeal and at various joint sectoral committees. She has also acted as the independent chair of a Redundancy Package Supervisory Committee.

Linda enjoys working closely with clients with a view to together realising an effective and efficient strategy. Her economic and financial background ensures that she is able to quickly grasp the business situation. She completed her law degree and her degree in management, economic and law at the University of Applied Sciences with honours. Linda has furthermore successfully completed the post-graduate Specialisation Course in Employment Law (PALA). Using her expertise Linda identifies case law for the ‘Tijdschrift Arbeidrecht Praktijk (TAP)’, a Dutch periodical for the legal profession. She also regularly organises workshops for HR departments.

Linda is a member of the Corporate Litigation Association, the Association for Labour Law (VvA) and the European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA).

Simone Schmeetz - Senior Associate (self-employed)

Simone has approximately 10 years experience in the legal profession at reputable international law firms in Amsterdam. She is an all-round specialist in the labour law practice with a focus on the labour law aspects of mergers, acquisitions and outsourcing.

She advises regularly on reorganisations and employee participation processes in the context of mergers and acquisitions, among other things. She has also successfully assisted many national and international companies with both collective and individual dismissal processes. Simone has extensive experience in drawing up and assessing employment contracts, management agreements for statutory and other directors, and also advises on (financial) remuneration policies.

In addition to the labour law experience gained during her career, she has also worked in the mergers and acquisitions practice. She started her own employment law firm in 2015 in the district of Midden-Nederland. Since 2016 she is seconded from this office to Liber Dock.

Through her experience in the national and international transaction practice she is quickly able to grasp the HR aspects of the business and she has a good feel for the interests at stake. She has a distinctive working style characterised by a pragmatic and dedicated approach oriented towards good personal relationships.

Simone publishes in professional literature regularly on various matters, including remuneration issues.

Sebastiaan Verlinden - Associate

Sebastiaan has approximately 10 years of experience with advising business persons, of which more than 5 years as a lawyer at medium-sized firms. He is an employment law specialist with a background in business- and insolvency law.

Sebastiaan is often engaged by HR departments and legal counsels as a strategic business partner to join in the discussion of all kinds of matters, like reorganisation, transfer of undertaking, amendment of employment conditions, as well as individual dismissal and rehabilitation procedures in case of sickness. Sebastiaan has, among other things, managed to swiftly and successfully resolve many dismissal matters – including dismissals with immediate effect – generally without costly proceedings. Sebastiaan also regularly negotiates the severance packages of directors under articles of association and managers. Sebastiaan has experience in, among others, the healthcare, transport, construction, and metal and engineering sectors.
Sebastiaan likes to delve into what goes on within the company he works with. By doing so, he identifies the challenges and developments that occur not only within the company but also within the related sector. He proactively recognises company risks and formulates solutions in concrete terms. He takes on the (legal) issues of business persons, so that the business person can keep focusing on the core business.

In 2017, Sebastiaan successfully completed the Grotius Employment Law specialist course and is a member of the associations Vereniging Jonge Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (Dutch Young Employment Lawyers Association), Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Amsterdam (Amsterdam Employment Lawyers Association) and Vereniging voor Pensioenrecht (Dutch Pension Law Association). Before he studied law, he obtained a Master’s degree in French Language & Culture, so French-speaking clients can rely on him as well.

Heleen Foesenek - Senior Associate

Heleen has over 7 years of experience as a lawyer. She specializes in employment law and advises national and international employers and employees on a broad range of employment-law matters. In addition, Heleen is an experienced litigator at the district court and the court of appeal.

Her experience in legal advice and litigation concerns both individual and collective dismissal procedures, reorganisations, employee participation and employment conditions. For example, Heleen has successfully counselled companies in restructuring operations and she regularly advises on various employee participation matters.

Heleen has a good sense of the different interests at stake in legal cases. She is tenacious, a good negotiator, and she has an open and committed personality.

In 2015, Heleen completed the post-graduate specialization course in employment law at the Grotius Academy with distinction. She has been teaching Employment Law at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences since 2016. In addition, she regularly conducts workshops on matters related to dismissal, employee participation and employment conditions.

Charlotte Waterman - Advocaat

Charlotte has been employed by Liber Dock since December 2017. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam in the fields of employment law and private law.

During her studies, Charlotte worked as a student assistant at the employment law and social security law department of the University of Amsterdam and taught employment law as a teacher at the University of Leiden. She regularly publishes in journals and is a permanent author for Sdu Commentaar Arbeidsrecht on an article basis.

Charlotte advises and litigates on various aspects of employment law that overlap with the field of business law.

Mandy Ruijssenaars - Advocaat

Mandy joined Liber Dock in April 2017. After graduating from the University of Amsterdam with Masters’ degrees in Employment Law and Private Law – with a specialisation in Labour and Corporate Law – and being sworn in in May 2018, Mandy now works at Liber Dock as a lawyer.

Mandy’s course of study ties in well with Liber Dock’s areas of expertise. Mandy advises on various legal and strategic employment law issues that also touch upon corporate law.

Ronald M. Beltzer - Advisor

Ronald M. Beltzer is an advisor with Liber Dock. He is specialized in change processes, collective employment law, (co-determination, collective bargaining procedures) and (collective) dismissal and he also has an in-depth knowledge of the firm’s focus area.

His approach to corporate law, insolvency law and the law of obligations is multiform, and combined with his hands-on experience of the legal practice he is able to clarify complex legal matters in a simple and orderly manner. This is borne out by the many companies that engage him as advisor. His diverse and extensive experience as lecturer (academic and post-academic), advisor to companies and organizations ensures a broad, balanced and practical approach to legal issues.

He has authored over 200 publications, is a member of a number of editorial boards of academic and professional journals in the field of labour law, leads the Labour, Corporate and Co-Determination Course (for (senior) attorneys and corporate counsel) and regularly speaks at national and international conferences.

Sylvia van den Ham - Office Manager

Sylvia is Office Manager at Liber Dock. She has over 20 years of experience in the legal profession and the secretarial support of large law firms. She has been the coordinator of a department with approximately 25 lawyers and secretaries at a large law firm at the Amsterdam Zuidas. In that capacity, she also acted as policy advisor of HR and the department chair.

Her strengths are thinking ahead, organizing efficient processes and a hands-on approach. She is very client-oriented and always looking for innovative ways to optimise the cooperation with clients. Sylvia is considerate and cherishes good personal relationships.

Margot Holst - Office Manager

Margot joined our team as Office Manager in September 2017, supporting our day-to-day operations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
She takes great satisfaction in seeing people be able to work in an agreeable and successful fashion. In Liber Dock, she has found an inspiring and enjoyable working environment to ensure just that.

During her previous career at various media outlets, Margot discovered that planning and organising for colleagues always brought out the best of her.
This has become the main driver for continuing her career with great pleasure in the role of office manager.

Excellent lawyer
Team player
Commercially adept
Full of character
Liber Dock DNA